Bodies description

The First Body – Soul
Archetype: Leader/Psychologist
The1st Body represents balance between the Head and the Heart.
1 – Seed, beginning, source, essence, impulse, isolation, aim, integrity, intention, readiness, density.
Sense: Smell.
Quality: Humility.
Element: Earth.
The Second Body – Negative Mind
Archetype: Manager/Beloved
The 2nd Body carries the protective aspect, ability to identify and calculate risks, and it also works at the ability to be devoted in the relationships with other people.
2 – Connection, feeling of separation, emotions, duality, polarity, depression, attitude, addiction, attachment, sex.
Sense: Taste.
Quality: Loyalty/Devotion.
Element: Water.
The Third Body – Positive Mind
Archetype: Actor
3rd Body is the second step in the process of thinking, it gives a chance to see endless possibilities for solving a situation.
3 – Creative energy which finds realization in different forms. Shape, three dimensions, visibility, joy, optimism, structure, action, search, adventure, merriment, anger, comparison, envy (judgment), falseness, games, jealousy, greed, reaction.
Sense: Sight.
Quality: Equality/Organization.
Element: Fire.
The Fourth Body – Neutral Mind
Archetype: Judge/Philosopher
The Neutral Mind is the final step of the process of thinking. Without it our thinking process would not be completed successfully, we would miss the opportunity to make a balanced decision which will bring the best results to us.
4 is feelings, breath, heart, openness, love, consciousness, pain, unknown, new, freedom, constancy, continuance, meditation.
Sense: Touch.
Quality: service.
Element: Air.
The Fifth Body – Physical Body
Archetype: Teacher/Communicator
The Physical Body represents the social world of communication and relations, standing for abilities to render knowledge and information to other people on a comprehensible level. Expresses presence of the human being through the world of words.
5 is a network, nervous system, liver, communication, interaction, exchange, changing, sound, language, music (sound vibrations), identity, studying, teaching, alchemy, synthesis, harmony, balance, meeting, bridge, experience, paradox, voice, word.
Sense: Hearing.
Quality: Self-sacrifice. Element: Ether.
The Sixth Body – Arcline
Archetype: Warrior/Priest
The Arcline is a Halo, a ribbon of energy which goes around the head from ear to ear. You do not need to be a saint to have it – everybody has it from birth. A strong arcline gives us protection and ability to feel the situation and circumstances in such a way that will enable us to adapt and act effectively.
6 is immune system, intuition, sensitivity, fear, warrior, faith, fearlessness, breath, prayer, responsibility, rebel, explosion, surprise, influence.
Quality: Justice.
The Seventh Body – Aura
Archetype: Builder/Producer
The Aura is the electromagnetic field around a person. This is our ability to elevate people. People with a strong aura are able to take you into their space and you will feel comfortable, they can share happiness and their balanced harmony with you.
7 is protection, shield, filter, interaction, energy, mind, thoughts, opinion, judgment, argumentation, explanation, thinking, beliefs, strategy, assistance, salvation, fantasy, illusions, karma, past, leader, manager, vision, deceit, intellect, planning.
Quality: Forgiveness.
The Eighth Body – Pranic Body
Archetype: Healer
The Pranic Body is associated with breathing, with the infinite energy flow. This is the abundance of life in each cell of your body, the quality which can make you successful in any sphere of your activity.
8 is depth, energy, nourishment, time, process, infinity, life force, death, intensity, mother, abundance, prosperity, passion, flow, ocean, healing.
Quality: Compassion.
The Ninth Body – Subtle Body
Archetype: Master/Counselor
The subtle body has a special, unique energy. It is the only body that accompanies our soul after death. It has to do with abstract vision of the world, with subtle manifestation of things and inner gentleness.
9 is subtle, abstract, ancient, nonmaterial, mysterious, magic, completion, idea, patience, frustration, genius, madness, reason, tyrant, visitant, endurance, having no home, dispersion, multiplicity, dust, mathematics, universal matrix, hermit.
Quality: Peace.
The Tenth Body – Radiant Body
Archetype: King/Queen
The Tenth Body is a thin envelope around the borders of our aura. It gives us courage to make commitments.
10 is all or nothing, totality, extreme, recklessness, ecology, globality.
Quality: Courage.
The Eleventh Body – All Bodies together
Archetype: Budda/Christ’s Consciousness
The Eleventh Body is the radiance of all the Ten Bodies, the pure light, truth, infinity, divinity, spirituality, Guru, consciousness of Christ, Dharma of Budda. No judgments, no limitations, the light which shines for everyone.