Yoga Numerology Support

Application works with birthdays added to the IPhone Contacts, to add birthdates to your contacts in your IPhone:

  1. Go to contact you want to add birthday
  2. Push "Edit" (up right)
  3. Push "add field" (bottom)
  4. Push "Birthday"
  5. Add birthday

In the old version (1.0) after changes in contacts YNumbers should be restarted:

  1. Change contact
  2. Double click on main button (round button)
  3. Delete Y'Numbers in the list below
  4. Start Y'Numbers

In the new version (1.1) when you change your IPhone contacts, application will update conacts automatically, no need to restart it

New version (2.0) has new name Yoga Numerology, more features

  1. You can delete contact from main screen
  2. You can add new contact from calculator